Will Electric Toothbrush Damage The Teeth?

Do electric toothbrushes damage the teeth? This is a commonly asked question and the short answer is NO. 


An electric toothbrush will not normally damage the teeth. However, there is a particular circumstance in which a toothbrush could do damage to the teeth. So continue reading to find out what that circumstance is!

An electric toothbrush relies on you to actually handle and control the toothbrush in the mouth and move it across the teeth surfaces and it is you as the human that holds the toothbrush that is normally the reason as to why an electric toothbrush could do damage to the teeth. Many people actually brush their teeth with too much force. They’re applying too much pressure as they brush their teeth. So they’re scrubbing the teeth really hard and this hard brushing can actually wear away and damage the enamel as well as the soft gum tissues that you have around your teeth.

This is the cause primarily behind electric toothbrushes doing damage to the teeth. But the electric toothbrushes only cause that damage because it’s you controlling the toothbrush that has applied too much pressure. If the toothbrush is used correctly, it won’t cause any damage to the tooth surfaces and in fact a 2012 study has actually found that an electric toothbrush does less damage to the teeth than a manual toothbrush.


Now we have another article that demonstrates precisely how you should brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush. You can check that out as well because the approach to use to brush your teeth is quite specific with an electric toothbrush and it’s different from a manual brush. 

Now there are many stories some of which have been sensationalized online or circulate amongst family and friends that suggest an electric toothbrush can do damage to their teeth but the evidence really lacks to prove that the electric toothbrush is at full our own in-house dentists have no reason to believe an electric toothbrush will damage the teeth and the clinical data seems to back this up as well.


Independent research organization Cochrane actually conducted a review of clinical studies into toothbrushes. They actually found that on average you’re going to get a 21% improvement in the oral health of your mouth by using an electric toothbrush. So there we have it! An electric toothbrush will not normally damage the teeth unless is used incorrectly by the user.

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