Why do teenagers grind their teeth at night?

Bruxism means that the teeth are unconsciously subjected to a certain intensity of occlusal force, while the jaw moves in a certain rhythm or shows a greater tendency to move and can occur in any age group, especially children and young adults. It can be divided into molar type, occlusal type, and mixed type. The molar type usually refers to the molars after falling asleep at night, also known as nocturnal molars. So why do teenagers grind their teeth at night?

Teen grinding teeth while sleeping

1. If teenagers eat improperly and often eat unsterilized food at high temperatures, it is easy to breed parasites. The roundworms and pinworms in the parasites can cause teeth to grind at night. The parasites in the human body will not only rob nutrients but also stimulate the intestinal wall to secrete toxins, causing indigestion, abdominal pain, insomnia, irritability, teeth grinding, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Great health hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Nutrition during adolescence

2. During the critical period of growth and development, adolescents have a huge demand for nutrients, and it is easy to lack some nutrients. If the human body lacks calcium, phosphorus, and other elements, it is easy to cause metabolic dysfunction of the human body, resulting in autonomic nervous disorder, sweating, irritability, night grinding, muscle cramps, and other phenomena. In this case, it is necessary to supplement nutrition reasonably to restore the normal state of bodily functions.

Teenage Study Stress
3. During adolescence, due to intense study and stress, watching stressful movies, or having some stimulating experiences, the nervous system will be in a state of tension, and then it is easy to grind teeth at night. In this case, it is necessary to arrange life reasonably, learn to release pressure, relieve tension, and try not to engage in some stimulating activities.
Dental Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

The above explains why teenagers grind their teeth at night. It is recommended to do a dental night guard for teeth grinding in the dentistry department of the hospital, and wear it when going to bed at night, so as to avoid excessive wear of the teeth without food buffering, you should pay attention not to eat too much before going to bed, and do not watch TV before going to bed, especially when it is intense Movies to relax as much as possible, and if you engage in heavy physical work during the day, you also need to pay attention to rest.

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