Why do I grind my teeth so often at night?

Teeth grinding is a very common problem in daily life, but if you grind your teeth frequently at night, it will seriously affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, when you find that you often grind your teeth, you must first find out the cause, so that you can take targeted measures for conditioning so that the symptoms can be gradually relieved or even completely disappear. So why do I grind my teeth so often at night?

grinding teeth while sleeping

1. Inconsistent occlusion of the teeth

Some people grind their teeth frequently at night mainly because of the uncoordinated occlusion of the teeth, which is related to misaligned dentition, undergrowth, and tooth loss. After a person is asleep, the body subconsciously chews and grinds teeth for better contact with the teeth. This is more common in children who have had their teeth replaced, and with age, the teeth grinding symptoms will gradually disappear. If teeth grinding is severe, orthodontic treatment may be required.

2. Spirit factor


Spirit factors and teeth grinding also have a certain relationship. Teeth grinding at night can also occur if you are highly stressed, stressed, exhausted or depressed during the day.

3. The body lacks certain elements


When the body lacks some elements, it can also lead to frequent grinding of teeth while sleeping. For example, calcium deficiency in the body will affect the normal development of teeth and bones, resulting in disorders of the body’s nerves and causing teeth to grind.

4. Gastrointestinal disorders

Gastrointestinal disease

Teeth grinding can also be caused by parasites or gastrointestinal disorders in the gut. Especially in children, if indigestion or eating too much at night leads to an accumulation of food, teeth grinding at night can also occur.

5. Irregular diet and rest

Irregular diet and work schedule

If the usual diet and work and rest time are irregular, it will lead to the imbalance of hormones in the body and the phenomenon of endocrine disorders, which will affect the nervous system of the body and cause teeth grinding problems.

Summary: Grinding of teeth often occurs at night, which is not a good phenomenon. We must find out the reason in time. It may be caused by high mental stress, irregular work and rest, lack of certain elements in the body, or uncoordinated occlusion of teeth. After identifying the cause, take some measures in time to adjust and improve the symptoms, and return to normal as soon as possible.

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