What’s wrong with a woman grinding her teeth at night?

Teeth grinding is common in everyday life. Even if you don’t grind your teeth, there will always be one or two people around who will grind their teeth. The family members, roommates in the dormitory, and work partners will always encounter one or two people who grind their teeth while sleeping. Grinding your teeth at night can often adversely affect the sleep of others, especially those with whom you have a close relationship. So, What’s wrong with a woman grinding her teeth at night?

female bruxism

1. Psychological factors are the main reason. Excessive psychological stress and emotional tension can cause molars to fall asleep. Tension cannot be released during the day but will be released in the form of molars at night. You can go to a psychological clinic for treatment, live a regular life, relax, and the symptoms of grinding teeth during sleep can be Improved.

study work stress

2. It may also be because of being too tense during the study and work during the day, the spirit has been in a tense state, and it is relatively relaxed when sleeping. At this time, there will be a certain neurological disorder, and it is easy to molar the teeth.

protein food

3. Lack of protein food can lead to disorders of the autonomic nervous system, too little protein food will not only damage human health but also make people grind their teeth at night. Therefore, it is recommended to eat more vitamin-containing foods in the daily diet and pay attention to calcium supplementation. Too much excitement, depression, depression, anger, and other causes can also cause teeth grinding at night. So don’t get too excited before going to bed to relieve stress. Abnormal movement of the teeth can also cause molars to move at night, so if there is no such reason, go to the hospital to straighten your teeth.

coffee and wine

4. Patients who are obese and drink a lot, or have a habit of drinking coffee before bed can also cause teeth grinding.

Here are a few reasons why women grind their teeth at night. If teeth grinding occurs, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time. If it is due to excessive mental stress, tension, anger, etc., then adjust your mentality, relax your mind appropriately, and do appropriate outdoor exercise to relieve stress. Patients can also use dental night guards, which also work well for grinding teeth.

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