What You Need to Know of Tongue Cleaners

Today I want to talk about tongue cleaners or tongue scrapers.

Why you might want to start cleaning your tongue with tongue cleaners?

bad breath

A lot of people ask, what they can do to keep their mouths as clean as possible. Adding basically a tongue cleaner into your daily or twice a day oral care routine can really help things. It can keep the mouth a lot cleaner. It limits the bacteria in the mouth and if bad breath is something you’re concerned about, this can help with that.

There are different types of tongue cleaners. Some are better than others.

stainless steel tongue cleaners

First, stainless steel tongue cleaners. This tongue cleaner is actually the easiest one to use and will clean your tongue a lot better than the other ones. It looks pretty intense but you can get as far back as possible. What you want to do is, get as far back first and then move it towards the tip of the tongue. Then you will see plaque, bacteria, food, or anything that’s stuck on your tongue will come off. You’ll be pretty amazed. It could be any color, just depends on what you were eating that day and the consistency of your saliva.

Clean your tongue several times then you will see all of that stuff come off. It typically stays along this stainless steel area. You just have to rinse it under the sink and then do it again. I suggest cleaning the tongue first, but if you decide to clean your tongue last that’s okay too. If I’m using the tongue cleaner, I’m going to use it first. Then I’m going to use the water flosser afterward to clean in between the teeth, and then I use my toothbrush. After that, you could use a mouthwash at the end.

plastic or silicone tongue cleaners

The next one is plastic or silicone tongue cleaners. If your child is using a tongue cleaner, I would suggest using this one because it doesn’t look as intense for them. And of course, it would be easier to use. Stainless steel cleaner is larger but this one is smaller, so you have to go over it a couple of times because you won’t be able to get the whole tongue. You need to brush the sides and middle of the tongue a few times. Let your child go as far back as they can, but not make them uncomfortable. Don’t go too far back. If they just like to clean the tip of their tongue. That is okay too.

Meyarn tongue cleaners (tongue scapers).

meyarn tongue scraper

It is designed with a double side curved shape and smooth surface which can thoroughly clean the tongue, remove oral dirt, reduce bad breath, improve oral health, and make your breath fresher. The dentist strongly recommends using a tongue brush every morning and evening to make our breath fresher. It is easy to use. Scrap from the back of our tongue to the front. Repeat several times. Done! It’s recommended to replace this tongue scraper every 2 months for efficacy and hygiene.

Basically use the tongue cleaner that you feel more comfortable with. I like the stainless steel one just because you can get the whole tongue at the same time and you can technically clean it easier too. If you give this to a child, he may not want to do with it. But if you pick a fun color cleaner, that will be easier for them, or for you as well. So just keep in mind that you should be using a tongue cleaner every day. But it is up to you when you want to use it.

different papillae

Here are different areas of the tongue with different papillae. That’s just basically what’s holding on bacteria. You probably can’t get that far back but do the best you can. Then you have papillae on the side of the tongue, sort of the lateral surfaces of the tongue, and then the tip of the tongue too. So you should not only clean the middle of your tongue but also clean both two sides.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let me know. Hope this will be helpful for you.

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