What to do with yellow teeth?

Some people lose confidence in their smiles because their teeth are not white enough, so what causes yellow teeth?

yellow teeth

1.During the growth and development of teeth, certain medicines or water with high fluoride content were consumed.

2.Yellow teeth caused by long-term smoking, eating foods with high pigment, poor oral environment, etc.

So, what to do with yellow teeth?

mineral water

1.Drink more mineral water

Natural mineral water is a natural source of fluorine. Most mineral waters contain 0.3ml per liter, which greatly meets the human body’s demand for fluoride. Fluoride has the effect of increasing the enamel of the teeth, thereby protecting the teeth from microbial attack. People with yellow teeth should drink more mineral water every day. In addition, after a meal, you can rinse your mouth with water to clean up the food residue left in the oral teeth to avoid yellow teeth caused by bacterial growth.

sugar free chewing gum

2.Chew more sugar-free gum

In order to stimulate the secretion of more saliva, preserve the acidity and alkalinity of the oral cavity, and the growth of bacteria, chewing gum can play such a role. But in order to reduce the damage to the teeth, and avoid chewing some sugary gum, xylitol can kill bacteria and reduce plaque.

foods rich in vitamin C

3.Whitening Teeth with Food

There are many foods that can whiten teeth in daily life. For example, some foods rich in fiber, such as celery, can secrete more saliva through chewing, which can better clean the teeth; teeth also need vitamin supplementation, so you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C to strengthen the teeth.

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