What causes teeth grinding

When you go to bed at night, you will grind your teeth. Of course, people who grind their teeth often don’t know that they have such a situation. They are often reminded of the people who live in the same room. Then what is the cause of the grind? Now let’s talk about it?


Psychological reasons

If the brain is in a state of excitement or tension, it may lead to the occurrence of teeth grinding. Some people are in a state of mental stress for a long time, with life pressure and depression. This is one of the common reasons for teeth grinding. If it is If this is the case, then you need to relax and adjust your mentality.

Tooth damage

Dental problems

The teeth are deformed missing teeth, and damaged teeth, which will cause occlusal obstruction. When a person is in a sleep state, the body will subconsciously perform jaw movements, hoping to achieve the purpose of occlusal balance by rubbing the teeth. If this is the case, it is best to straighten and restore the teeth first.

Digestive disorders

What’s the reason for grinding teeth?

In addition to the above two, the following are common: parasites, gastrointestinal disorders, and genetic factors can all cause teeth grinding, especially if you have parasites, which will cause digestive disorders, which will lead to teeth grinding. When this happens, kill the parasites or roundworms in the stomach.

timely treatment
In case of teeth grind, seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Teeth grinding doesn’t seem to be a big problem. Many people don’t pay attention to it. The appearance of teeth grinding means that something has happened to the body. This requires your attention and understanding. We must first find out what happened. The question is what is the cause so that it is beneficial to prescribe the right medicine to ensure that the grinding of the teeth will not occur again.

Tips: In addition, people with grinding teeth may wish to try anti-grinding braces when sleeping at night to prevent grinding teeth from hurting the mouth.

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