What causes kids to grind their teeth while sleeping?

The reasons why kids grind their teeth in sleep are generally related to emotional, diet, and disease factors. If the child is greatly frightened before going to sleep, such as being beaten and scolded by the parents, or seeing some frightening pictures, it will lead to excessive nervousness. When sleeping, the nerve center functions abnormally, resulting in teeth grinding problems. And if you eat food and drinks containing alcohol and caffeine, it will also stimulate the nerves, resulting in the phenomenon of grinding teeth at night. In addition, if the child has the following problems, it will also cause the appearance of teeth grinding.

kids grinding teeth

1. Dental deformities:

If your child’s teeth are not developing well, or if they have been missing teeth for a long time, it will lead to an uneven bite. As a result, the occlusal disorder is caused, which will cause the child to repeatedly grind his teeth during sleep.

Bad eating habits in kids

2. Digestive dysfunction:

If the child has long-term bad eating habits, such as overeating or overeating, it will lead to abnormal digestive function. Disorders can also occur in the functions of the nerves that regulate the gastrointestinal tract. When you sleep at night, you will experience discomfort such as abdominal bloating, which will lead to repeated grinding of your teeth. And during the day, it will also be accompanied by bad breath, abdominal pain, bloating, and other problems.

food hygiene for children

3. Intestinal Ascariasis:

Especially children who have not done a good job of personal hygiene and food hygiene, are easily infected with intestinal roundworms. Ascaris parasites in the intestines of children, and when they sleep at night, they will secrete some substances, which will stimulate the nerves of the children, resulting in abnormal contraction of the chewing muscles, which will cause the children to grind their teeth repeatedly, and it will also be accompanied by the anus. Itching, as well as abdominal distension, abdominal pain, pale complexion, weight loss, and other problems.

dental night guard
Dental night guard helps to prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding, including jaw aches, tooth chipping, and headaches.

To sum up, if children grind their teeth while sleeping, it is generally related to a bad mood, wrong eating habits, and suffering from a series of diseases. Especially in the above three situations, the child will grind his teeth while sleeping, and be accompanied by some other uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, when the child has this situation repeatedly, it is necessary to treat the symptoms as soon as possible, use a dental night guard if necessary, and make a good diet adjustment, which can effectively improve the situation.

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