What causes children to grind their teeth?

It is very common for children in the growing period to grind their teeth. Some children may grind their teeth occasionally at night. This situation will not affect the child’s growth. However, if the child grinds his teeth every night, parents will It is necessary to pay attention to it, and treat it according to the reasons for the child’s teeth grinding in time, so as not to affect the healthy growth of the child.

child grinding teeth

What’s the matter with children’s teeth grinding:

  • When the child’s activity during the day is too large, the child’s mood is still not calm for a long time before going to bed, or the child’s learning state is too tense during the day, causing the cerebral cortex to be overexcited, and the chewing muscles in the oral area have irregular movements. Or spasm, there is a situation where children grind their teeth at night.
  • It may also be that the child eats too much food before going to bed, and a large amount of food accumulates in the intestines, stimulating the digestive tract, and then these stimulations are transmitted to the brain by nerves, and the cells in the brain that manage the digestive system become excited. , stimulate the chewing of the teeth, and then there is the situation of the teeth grinding up and down.
  • When a child suffers from intestinal parasite diseases, these parasites will stimulate the child’s intestines and secrete various toxins. Finally, these stimuli will stimulate the child’s cerebral cortex through the action of nerves, and the child will begin to grind his teeth.
  • When the child is changing teeth, because the gums are itchy or the gums are sore, the child will begin to grind his teeth in order to relieve these discomforts, so that the child’s gums will become more comfortable, which is also the reason for the child’s teeth grinding. one.
bruxism in children

The above is an introduction to the reasons for children’s teeth grinding, so when the child has long-term teeth grinding, parents must pay special attention, usually do not let the child eat too much food before going to bed, and don’t let the child get too excited before going to bed, and give the child some anti-worm medicine in time to ensure the child’s intestinal health and relieve the child’s teeth grinding at night. If the child’s teeth grind for a long time, it will seriously affect the child’s facial development, causing the child’s face to change and affect its appearance.

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