What can’t I eat after a tooth extraction? tooth extraction care

Are you a sugar addict who doesn’t like sugar on weekdays? Or do you sometimes forget or get lazy and don’t clean your teeth? With these measures, I believe that it is vulnerable to tooth decay. Tooth decay has deteriorated to a certain extent, and at the last minute, the tooth has to be extracted.

extract a tooth

Tooth extraction is helpless, but if you don’t do your “homework”, it is definitely not a righteous move to be too lax after tooth extraction. Losing a tooth is “painful”, but don’t “pit” yourself again because you neglect the care after tooth extraction!

Precautions after tooth extraction, none of them can be missed!

Tooth decay

After tooth extraction, pay more attention to the situation

Did you “slip away” right after the tooth extraction? Don’t worry! After tooth extraction, everyone needs to bite into a cotton that is designed to stop bleeding. It should be noted that after biting for 40 minutes, it must be spit out, and during this waiting time, it is best to wait until the gauze is spit out, and observe that there is no abnormality before leaving the hospital or clinic.

This is not over yet. After everyone has extracted their teeth, they should always pay attention to their wounds in their daily life. If you still have tenderness a few days after the extraction of your teeth, you must go to the hospital for a follow-up consultation in time.

soft food

After tooth extraction, eat like this!

On the day of tooth extraction, you can eat some semi-liquid foods and foods with a soft texture. Foods such as soft rice porridge, boiled soft noodles, and soup are all suitable for consumption. If you are smart, you should be able to think of chewing with the other side while avoiding the extraction. After the extraction wound has healed, chew with caution with the teeth on the extraction side.

angle of brushing

Although the tooth extraction is small, the care cannot be less

I hope you don’t brush your teeth and rinse your mouth on the day after your teeth are extracted. When you brush your teeth the next day, you must pay attention to protecting the wound, and you can’t suck the wound when you are fine.

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