What are the steps for adults to do orthodontic treatment

Irregular teeth in adults will seriously affect normal work and social interaction, and also have a great impact on falling in love. Therefore, irregular teeth must be corrected. So do you know what steps are there for adults to do orthodontics?

Orthodontics for adults

The steps for orthodontic treatment for adults are as follows:

1. Take x-rays

Before doing orthodontic treatment, you need to take X-ray photos of your teeth and head bones. The purpose is to see the development direction of your teeth and bones, which will help you to formulate accurate orthodontic methods in the future.

2. Extract a tooth

extract a tooth

Some patients with crowded or deformed teeth need to extract teeth before orthodontic treatment. According to the plan formulated by the doctor, the teeth are extracted in batches. The average person needs to extract about 4 teeth, while some people do not need to. Tooth extraction, just grinding the teeth is enough. Before orthodontic treatment, we will also check whether the teeth need to be cleaned according to the condition of the teeth and whether there is oral inflammation.

3. Photograph

The photos were taken to compare before and after orthodontic treatment, and also to see the obvious contrast effect.

4. Wearing braces


At this time, you can choose the appropriate braces according to the formulated orthodontic plan, put on the braces, and start the orthodontic treatment.

5. Follow-up

Orthodontics follow-up

It is very important to have a follow-up visit during orthodontic treatment, usually once a month.

6. Remove braces

Generally, after a period of treatment, the process of orthodontic treatment can be completed. At this time, the braces can be removed. In order to shape the teeth, it is generally necessary to wear a retainer.

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