What are the consequences of not brushing your teeth before bed?

Brushing your teeth before going to bed is basic oral hygiene work. However, many people in life often do not brush their teeth before going to bed for reasons such as laziness, sleepiness, and troublesomeness. Not brushing your teeth before going to bed may seem like a trivial matter, but if you do this for a long time, it can cause serious problems in your mouth!


What are the consequences of not brushing your teeth before bed?

1. Dental plaque

After people fall asleep, because the lips are closed, the temperature and humidity of the oral cavity are very suitable for bacteria to multiply and grow. If you don’t brush your teeth before going to bed, it will undoubtedly create a lot of nutrients for these bacteria, which will speed up the reproduction of bacteria. Over time, these bacteria will gradually attach to the surface of the teeth, forming plaque, which can’t be removed by any brushing in the future.


2. Induced caries

Since the amount of saliva secreted by the human body is relatively small at night, if you do not brush your teeth, the food residues will easily erode the teeth under the action of bacteria, and eventually, dental caries will appear.


3. Induced periodontitis

If you don’t brush your teeth before going to bed for a long time, the bacteria and toxins in the mouth will stimulate the gums and cause the gums to bleed. In addition, dental plaque is easy to calcify and form calculus, and the calculus will press on the gums, leading to gingivitis, and over time, it will evolve into periodontitis, which will destroy all the teeth.

bad breath

4. Form bad breath

After the food residue between the mouth and the teeth is decomposed by bacteria, it will produce an unpleasant and disgusting odor, which especially affects communication and causes trouble in life.

Meyarn Tip: People brushing their teeth at night is more important than brushing their teeth in the morning. We can’t ignore the cleaning of the mouth because of laziness, otherwise, we will easily cause trouble for ourselves. Brushing your teeth once in the morning and evening is the most basic. If you have the conditions, you can also brush your teeth after three meals.

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