Things You Need To Know About Caring For Your TEETH At Home

1. Brushing

You probably already know that you should brush your teeth two times each day and floss your teeth at least once each day. You should always brush your teeth once in the morning, technically before breakfast and also once at night before you go to bed. I often recommend electric toothbrushes because you can do a great job with manual regular toothbrushes. However, you have to use the perfect technique to properly brush with a regular toothbrush. It’s definitely better for most people to try to use an electric toothbrush because it does the work for you with less chance of error. 

2. Flossing

It is recommended to clean between your teeth at least once each day. Most people should try to work hard to use the correct flossing technique. When you’re flossing properly, adapting the string to your tooth, you can effectively remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth thus reducing the chance of cavities and gum disease. I always tell all of my patients that the part of your tooth that is between your teeth actually makes up for 40% of your tooth. If you’re only brushing and not flossing, you literally miss out on cleaning 40% of your tooth, which is a huge number. 

portable water flosser

There are some people who may benefit more from interdental brushes or water flossers or maybe even sometimes you should use both in conjunction with one another. 


3. Toothpaste

I always recommend using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is what remineralizes your teeth and it is proven to help prevent tooth decay and cavities. The whole point of brushing your teeth is to prevent cavities and gum disease. For gum disease, the brushing motion itself of removing plaque and debris from your teeth actually helps prevent it. Technically you don’t need toothpaste to prevent gum disease. However, for cavities, the fluoride in the toothpaste is what helps prevent them. It is super important to use it when you brush your teeth. 

4. Fluoride mouthwash

Another thing you can add to your routine to up your home care is a fluoride mouthwash and before bed is the best time to use it. You swish and then spit and then you don’t rinse with water. Leaving that fluoride mouthwash on your teeth overnight will help strengthen your enamel. Some people even like keeping the fluoride toothpaste on their teeth,w which works too! Instead of using the fluoride mouthwash they actually brush with the fluoride toothpaste and then they spit and then they don’t rinse with water. However, most people don’t like the feeling of leaving toothpaste on their teeth. Try the fluoride mouthwash instead. 

Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing or cleaning between your teeth at least once a day is the two most important things you can do to keep your smile happy and healthy. Adding a tongue scraper will also contribute to your mouth.

tongue scraper

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