Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, What Need to Know

If someone is wondering about teeth whitening, they want to make their teeth look whiter and get rid of stains. The question is what the best product is and what different products do. Today I want to talk to you guys about teeth whitening toothpaste.

teeth whitening toothpaste

There are so many on the market. Let me tell you what the teeth whitening toothpaste actually does, why they really don’t do it, and what they claim to do in most cases.

The best way to use teeth whitening toothpaste is if your teeth are already white.

So if you’ve had them professionally whitened at a dental office by a teeth whitening technician, or even using a home kit, once the teeth are whiter you have the shade you want, teeth whitening toothpaste are the way to go. Because what they will actually do is they will prevent more stains from coming back.

So toothpaste and tooth brushing as a whole prevent stains from coming back.

Because you’re brushing off plaque and stains that might have happened. If the stain is there for a week and then you try to brush that off, it’s not going to work. So if you use teeth whitening toothpaste at least twice a day and make sure to brush well, you’re taking away the plaque and stain that has happened from the food you have eaten that day. That’s how whitening toothpaste work.

brushing teeth

To be a little more specific, what whitening toothpaste have that your regular toothpaste doesn’t have is, in most cases, they will add a little bit of peroxide. Peroxide will get technical just basically foams up a little bit more and it does have very light whitening properties, not enough to actually notice the difference. But your teeth look whiter after you brush them.

But not all kinds of whitening toothpaste are made equal either.

Some of them work better than others. If you’re just looking at a basic company that says plus whitening, I tend to stay away from those. They can actually make the teeth very sensitive. Because adding whitening to a regular toothpaste means there is additional baking soda. Baking soda is coarser which in turn can make the teeth more sensitive.

A proper whitening toothpaste will not just add baking soda but they do have a few peroxides. They will not make the teeth sensitive. If you have cold-sensitive teeth, to begin with, you don’t want baking soda added. Because it makes things more sensitive or at the very least it doesn’t make things better. So be careful with that.

Another common question is, is a whitening toothpaste going to make it mighty sensitive?

No. In fact in most cases, a proper whitening toothpaste will have something called silica added to it. Silica makes the teeth feel smoother and prevents the further stain from coming in. it’s like a protective coating in a way. That’s a proper whitening toothpaste.

teeth feel smoother

If some people don’t like the look of their teeth but they don’t want to invest in a professional whitening treatment, I’m going to suggest a whitening toothpaste. Because a whitening toothpaste will make their teeth look whiter. It’s going to make him feel better. And if you tell that if they brush well with a whitening toothpaste it’s going to make the teeth whiter, they’re going to brush better if they’re brushing better, they have better oral hygiene they have less plaque and that’s going to make the teeth look whiter anyway.

I do use whitening toothpaste, and I also get my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. I probably have my teeth whitened once every four or five months and then I maintain it with a whitening toothpaste.

different whitening toothpastes

Which whitening toothpaste do you like to use? Or which one do you think is most effective? You can just leave a comment below to talk about it with us. Hope this helped and hope you have a great bright smile!

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