Teeth grinding in children: causes and treatment

Some children in life like to stay at home and rarely go out to exercise and bask in the sun, especially if there are irregularities in the diet, which will lead to insufficient vitamin D in the child. When some factors are lacking in the body, it will affect the patient’s mood, often making the child sleep unstable at night, and prone to the symptoms of grinding teeth during sleep. Therefore, this symptom must be controlled in time, otherwise, it may lead to complications in the child’s body for a long time. Below are some of the causes and treatments for bruxism in children:

bruxism in children

Teeth grinding in children is mainly due to calcium deficiency

Some children like to stay at home every day and seldom go outdoors to bask in the sun. Of course, patients may have irregular diets in terms of diet, and these factors will lead to insufficient production of vitamins in children, which will cause abnormal reactions in the body. For example, children may experience irritability, sleeplessness at night, and occasional teeth grinding. For this symptom, the patient must improve the diet more, so that the disease will naturally be alleviated.

Molar teeth are generally a manifestation of phosphorus deficiency, because phosphorus is an important component of bones and teeth, and it is also one of the tissues that are very important to human life activities.

underdeveloped teeth in children

When a patient is deficient in phosphorus, it will cause underdevelopment of the teeth above the bones. In severe cases, it can also lead to osteoporosis and cause symptoms of loss of appetite. Grinding is one of the most common manifestations.

Teeth grinding in children is usually a symptom of parasites in the intestines

Intestinal parasites in children

What the patient needs is to get rid of the worms in time, and then add more vitamins and calcium, to avoid the gradual deterioration of the grinding condition. If children have teeth grinding symptoms during the day and at night, they should pay special attention not to watch TV before going to bed to avoid excessive excitement. At the same time, the diet must be matched with meat and vegetables, not too much.

children's diet

The above is the introduction to the causes and treatment of children’s teeth grinding. Children must be regularly rationed when they eat, and special attention should be paid not to give children some greasy fried and spicy foods because these foods can easily lead to picky eaters in children. Of course, during the germination of molars, special attention must be paid to supplementing the nutrients in the food as much as possible, which can also reduce illness and enhance resistance.

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