@Billy Hedges

Super great and gentle on all settings and cleans well! I would recommend this to others. Much better than an Oral B or Philips electric toothbrush!


My dental health had gotten extremely poor before I heard about this product from a friend. It has been an actual lifesaver for me. Flossing is never a pain for me anymore!

@Raynor D


This case is super portable and convenient for travel. Fits our toothbrushes perfectly. We use Colgate electric toothbrushes that are bigger than a regular brush, but smaller than most electric ones.


Thanks to this removal tool I can easily get my braces out of my mouth. The first time I tried without having this device, I broke four fingernails. This tool is truly a lifesaver!




These mint chewies are pretty cool. A super smart tool to keep guards in place. I would recommend it to everyone.


Please keep up the quality of your product and service if it applies!

@Jacqueline R.



I've had used multiple replacement but the bristles would go bad fairly quicker than these. Really impressed with the quality of these items!

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