Read It Before You Water Floss For The First Time

Meyarn Portable Oral Irrigator features 3 tips, a two-minute timer, a separate reservoir and a detachable water tank. One of the best features of it is that the size is almost the same as iPhone 6, which is so portable to take out. Most irrigators online are much bigger and you can only use them at home. This is so inconvenient if you want to floss at your office.

I got the water floss because I hate using the traditional dental floss. It always makes my teeth bleed and it’s difficult to get in between all the gaps of my teeth. The water floss is so much easier getting all the gaps. My water floss comes for a couple of tips for hygiene reasons. You might want to take it out occasionally. 

One of the reasons I got this one is because it’s nice and compact. Some of them have a big tank whereas this model will just sit on the shelf quite neatly and it doesn’t take that much room.


One tip I would recommend is that don’t fill them with cold water. You can use mouthwash, which is much more pleasant. You don’t need to fill it full of mouthwashes. You can just take a little cup.


Another reason I got the machine is that brushing alone is not enough. If you just brush, food and debris get left behind. Meyarn Portable Oral Irrigator is the easy and most effective way to clean between teeth.


A question I get all the time is does the water floss that act as a substitute for normal flossing and the answer is YES. If you do purchase a water flosser, there is no need to floss with normal floss. Because they’re both the exact same thing.

To get started, follow these simple steps.

1.Fill reservoir with warm water and place firmly on the base.

2.Click the tip firmly into the handle.


If this is your first use, you’ll need to prime the pump.

1.Set the pressure control to high.
2.Point the tip into the sink.
3.Turn on until water flows.
4.Turn the unit off.


Let’s get on to water flossing.

1.Start with the lowest pressure setting.
2.Lean over the sink, and place the tip in your mouth.
3.Turn unit and water on.
4.Partially close lips to prevent splashing, and let water flow from your mouth into the sink.
5.Aim the tip at the gum line.


For best results, start with your back teeth. Move along the gum line, pausing briefly between the teeth. Floss the front and backside of teeth for one minute a day.

The Meyarn water flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50% more effective than string floss. You can have healthier gums and brighter teeth with this machine.

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