Precautions for children’s teeth replacement

Childhood teeth are temporarily used, called deciduous teeth. Baby teeth must be replaced. At the age of changing teeth, they are replaced by permanent teeth, which will be used until old. So. What are the precautions for children’s teeth replacement? Here’s an introduction:

teeth replacement for children

1. Check regularly, find problems, and deal with them in time

Pay attention to the growth of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. If it is found that after the permanent teeth grow, the deciduous teeth do not fall off, causing two teeth to grow together. At this time, the deciduous teeth should be extracted in time.

Tooth decay in children

2. Encourage children to brush their teeth every day to prevent tooth decay

Brush your teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush specially designed for children, and brush your teeth in the right way, taking two to three minutes at a time. In addition to brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth after every meal to avoid tooth decay.

3. Eat more hard foods

Some parents believe that eating delicate foods can protect their new permanent teeth when their children have their teeth replaced. However, if you only eat soft food without chewing hard food, it will affect the development of the jaw and cause a poor eruption of permanent teeth. Therefore, children should eat more hard foods, such as corn, during tooth replacement.

4. Bad habits to be corrected

Bad habits such as biting your fingers or pencils and licking your teeth with your tongue can affect the growth of your teeth.

children's teeth

Every child needs to have their teeth replaced. Parents also do this when they were young. Pay attention to the replacement of the child’s teeth. Negligence will cause the teeth to grow poorly and affect their future life. You will feel guilty for a lifetime, and take good care of your teeth to benefit your baby for a lifetime.

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