How much does it cost to have a great smile? Turns out, a lot less than the cost of not doing a few simple things every day.  Meyarn aims to Take Your Dental Hygiene Routine to the Next Level!


How to prevent dental decay?

We recommend no more than four sugar attacks including main meals. Those meals contain some kind of sugar. So every meal would be cast as a sugar attack. 

How to brush the teeth with electric tooth brushes?

If you don’t brush your teeth correctly, there is a chance that you can have gum disease or decay. One of the ways that you can help yourself is by getting an electric toothbrush. 

Read it before you water floss for the first time

Meyarn Portable Oral Irrigator  features 3 tips, a two-minute timer, a separate reservoir and a detachable water tank. One of the best features of it is that the size is almost the same as iPhone 6, which is so portable to take out.

12 Mistakes You Make Brushing Your Teeth

I’m going to be pointing out 12 mistakes that you are probably making when you’re brushing your teeth.

10 Mistakes of Taking Care of Your Teeth

Do you believe that brushing your teeth twice a day keeps a doctor away? 

Why and How Should We Use Interdental Brushes?

Have your gums bleed? Do you know how to solve this problem?

10 Ways to Stop Bad Breath

35% and 45% of people suffer from bad breath during their day. Americans spend around 10 billion dollars a year on oral hygiene products. 

9 Best Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

Naturally whiten your teeth without destroying your enamel or your bank account.

Can electric toothbrushes remove more plaque?

The short answer is YES!


20 Things to Know Before Getting Braces

I did not have enough room in my mouth for all of my teeth, which is why I experienced a lot of crowding. 

How To Maintain Your Oral Health

When it comes to your health, maintaining strong oral health habits play a major role in your overall well-being whether you’re eating a meal, smiling for a photograph, or living your daily life. 

10 Tips For Better Oral Health

Today we will talk about how to take care of your teeth and mouth.

Ways to Use Different Kinds of Floss

Today we will talk about the ways to use the floss, super floss, interdental brushdental picks and even the water flosser to help you to clean your teeth and gums better.

What Are Five Different Teeth Brushing Technique

Today we will talk about five different teeth brushing technique.

What You Need to Know of Tongue Cleaners

Today I want to talk about tongue cleaners or tongue scrapers.

Is Green Tea Good or Bad for Our Teeth

The interesting thing about tea is that it can be both good and bad for your teeth. However, most teas cause tooth staining which isn’t great. 

What to Do About Craze Lines on Teeth

Let’s talk about craze lines on your teeth and what to do about them.

How to Avoid Bad Breath and Whiten Your Teeth

I want to share with you my oral hygiene routine. I’m really big on hygiene because that’s the number one most important thing to me. 

Uses of Dental Floss

The interproximal areas of teeth are the surfaces between two teeth. They’re usually hidden surfaces to the bristles of a brush thus leading to deposition of plaque and food debris causing different gum disease and cavity.

Common Oral Health Problems & Treatments

 Cavities are made by the infection called tooth decay. If you have a black spot on your tooth, it might be a cavity. 

How to Stop Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding or bruxism often occurs during sleep. This is called sleep or nocturnal bruxism. You may also grind your teeth or clench your jaw subconsciously while you’re awake. 

Why & How to Use A Tongue Scraper

Today we will talk about the reason why you should use atongue scraper and how to use it.


Orthodontics precautions and how to maintain oral hygiene

What should I pay attention to after orthodontic treatment?

A Brief Introduction to Deep Cleaning at Dentist

Every dental office may do things slightly differently. That’s super important to keep in mind every person’s mouth is slightly different. Please remember this is just a generalized overview of a deep-cleaning procedure.

8 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Your toothbrush, toothpaste, and even your mouthwash play a significant role in how bright your smile will be.

Basic of Oral Cavity & 4 Oral Health Tips

The first space of the mouth is the oral cavity bounded on the side and in front by the teeth, and at the back by the soft palate and root of the tongue.

14 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Invisalign

If you’re interested in having an invisalign treatment here are 14 things you need to know before starting invisalign. These are things number eight to fourteen.

Top 10 Mistakes When Flossing

Today we will talk about mistakes when flossing.

How to Maintain A Healthy Oral Environment

Having a healthy mouth is all about controlling the oral environment, creating the right conditions for the teeth and gums.

What Are Reasons Cold Weather Makes Teeth Hurt

Cold temperatures can make your teeth sensitive, especially if you walk outside in the cold weather and take a big deep breath through your mouth.

Causes & How to Get Rid of Tooth Discoloration

The good news is many of these stains are treatable and preventable. Here’s what you need to know about the causes of tooth discoloration and stains and what you can do to keep pearly whites looking.

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