Importance of Including Water Flosser in Daily Oral Care

Today we are going to see about the importance of including water flosser in your daily oral care.

The water flosser is not a very new device. It has been invented in the year 1962. But it’s trending now due to the scientific evidence of including your water flosser in a daily care will improve your oral hygiene much better.

The water flosser has been proved to remove the plaque from the gum line as well as between the teeth, so that it prevents the gingivitis. Or if you have a gingivitis it is going to reduce the gingivitis. The water flosser had a beneficial effect on gingivitis, bleeding and pocket.

The very next question which arises in your mind is, what is the bacteremia level caused by water flosser? The bacteremia occurs in even on chewing a food, or when you do a normal tooth brushing or flossing. The same amount of bacteremia is being caused by water flosser also.

There are lot of comparative studies wherein they compact the water flosser with string floss. They also compared it with the powered devices and interdental brushes. The water flosser has shown to be significantly better in improving the oral health.

There is a study wherein a group of people were using a manual brush along with water flossing, and another group of people using a manual brush along with a string flossing. When you compare these two groups, the group one which used a water flosser along with manual brushing seem to have a 93 percent reduction in bleeding from the gum; as well as there is 52 percent reduction in the gingivitis level.

If you are a person using a manual brush or electric powered toothbrush, kindly use a water flosser along with it rather than a string flosser. Because when you combine the manual brushing or a power brushing with the water flosser, it seemed to reduce the bleeding, gingivitis and also remove plaque efficiently.

If you prefer a manual brushing for oral care, in addition to it, add a water flosser along. It has a lot of advantages, like 3.1 times efficient in reducing the bleeding from the gums, as well as 2.7 times reduction in the gingivitis and 2.4 times the reduction in the plaque level. So rather than using a manual toothbrush alone, if you use a manual toothbrush along with water flossing, you will achieve all these benefits.

The researchers have found out on comparing the interdental brush with a water flosser that the water flosser has much more benefit because it’s going to reduce the bleeding. It’s nearly 56 percentage more effective than interdental brush and 20 percentage more effective in plaque removal when compared to internet brush. So we advise you to use water flosser when compared to interdental brushes. Especially those who are undergoing orthodontic therapy wearing braces, and who underwent implant therapy are facing a great difficulty in maintaining their oral hygiene.

Water flosser is an ideal device to maintain the oral hygiene in a better manner. When you compare a normal string flossing with a water flosser, there is nearly 3.76 times reduction in the plaque. For example, if you use a toothbrush, it only reaches about 1 to 2 mm into the sulcus. If you use a dental floss it’s going to reach about 3 mm into the gingival sulcus. But if you do a water flossing it’s going to disrupt the bacteria nearly 6 mm.

They did a study on extracting eight teeth from the patient who been suffered from advanced periodontal disease. They did a scanning electron microscope then found out there is several millimeter of thick bio phlegm. So they did a water flossing and they did a post treatment scanning electron microscopic images. They found out that the water flossing is able to remove nearly 99.9 percentage of plaque from the teeth surface. The other study showing that the water flosser has removed nearly 82 percentage of a proximal plaque and also in some cases nearly removed 92 percentage of a proximal plot.

We have already saw the benefit of combining a manual toothbrush with water flosser, but there are studies saying that when you combine a sonic toothbrush with a water flosser, it’s much more effective than using a sonic toothbrush alone in terms of reducing the bleeding from gums gingivitis and also reduction in plaque levels. So if you’re a person using a sonic toothbrush, kindly add upon a water flosser so that you have much more benefit.

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