How To Prevent Dental Decay?

1. Limit frequency of sugar consumption

We recommend no more than four sugar attacks including main meals. Those meals contain some kind of sugar. So every meal would be cast as a sugar attack. no sugar

2. Choose sugar-free snacks and drinks between meals

Be careful of hidden sugars! Make sure you look at the labels.

3. Brush twice a day and floss daily

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria and sugars, which collects around the teeth and gums. You can check our previous posts onhow to brush and with electric toothbrush. Interdental Brush

4. Use a fluoridetoothpaste

It will help to strengthen your teeth by remineralizing the teeth. Split after brushing and don’t rinse to leave some fluoride on the teeth.

5. Use a fluoride mouthwash at a different time to brush

This gives you another chance to play fluorite on your teeth.

6. Avoid long-term antibacterial toothpastes and mouthwashes use

Don’t use them for too long. The mouth is a delicate ecosystem and we still need the good bacteria.

7. Use sugar-free chewing gum

This helps to stimulate saliva production and also helps neutralize acids .

8. Prevent having a dry mouth

Make sure you’re well hydrated. If your mouth is dry, then you may be more prone to dental decay. There’s some medical conditions and medications that can cause a drying mouth. So make sure you seek professional advice as well. Also mouth breathing can result in dry mouth.

9.Visit the dentist and regularly

The dentists will spot any problems early. If you can catch the early signs of decay, you may be able to reverse the process without ever needing a filling.

10. Consider fluoridevarnish or fissure sealants

Your dentist can also give you a preventative treatment and advice. There’s some treatments like fissure sealants or fluoride varnish that you don’t provide and some teeth are more vulnerable to decay than others. So these treatments may help.

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