How To Brush The Teeth With Electric Toothbrushes?

If you don’t brush your teeth correctly, there is a chance that you can have gum disease or decay. One of the ways that you can help yourself is by getting an electric toothbrush. They’re really efficient at brushing your teeth. It takes a lot of pressure away from you in terms of the technique of brushing your teeth as well. Because a lot of the movements are actually in the brush head. Electric toothbrushes can be more efficient because they have pressure sensors, timers, and pacers to help you brush your teeth correctly.


electric toothbrush


For example, you can break your mouth down into quadrants so you do each quadrant for 30 seconds building up to four quadrants for two minutes. An electric toothbrush has a small, circular head and as you can see, it has a circular oscillating, rotating movement. This means that most of the movements you need to do is actually within the toothbrush head.


When we come to brush the teeth, all we need to do is put the bristles of the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the tooth, and you just literally hold it next to the tooth. It will then do all the work for you. You keep the toothbrush head on, and brush each tooth for about three seconds, moving forward and keeping your toothbrush head at the same angle.


Remember you don’t need to put this in a circular motion. The head will do it all for you. Then you do the bite surfaces of the teeth. And then the inside surfaces of the teeth. Remember to make sure it’s still at a 45 degree angle and it goes into those gum margins. Each tooth three seconds all the way to the front. And that is one quadrant done. It should take you 30 seconds for one quadrant. You need to do all four quadrants, totalling up to two minutes.


This is a Meyarn Sonic Electric Toothbrush. It’s got a longer head like a conventional, manual toothbrush head shape. You use it in a similar way. You just hold it to the gum at 45 degrees. But with this one, you still have to rotate it and move it along the teeth.


electric toothbrush


Replace your toothbrush heads every three months or sooner if you find that it’s worn. In our case, you need to change the brush head when half of the blue bristles fade. 

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