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How to Avoid Bad Breath and Whiten Your Teeth

I want to share with you my oral hygiene routine. I’m really big on hygiene because that’s the number one most important thing to me.  What’s common sense to me might not be common sense to other people. Hopefully, I can help out at least one person.


I floss throughout the day so much because I hate the feeling of having food stuck in my mouth. But I think flossing before bed is the number one most important thing because sometimes if you brush your teeth and you’re not flossing, you can still feel like your mouth isn’t fully clean. Because when you brush your teeth, you’re not necessarily getting out all the junk that’s in between your teeth or in the back teeth. That’s why flossing is everything.

I use the Meyarn Waxed Oral Care Floss, which is the cool mint flavor. I prefer string floss over any other type of floss because I feel like I can get in there and get all the bacteria out. I always like to floss throughout the day especially if I feel like my mouth isn’t clean. If you’re not a big flossing person, I recommend Meyarn dental floss. They’re great and convenient if you ever go out to eat.

2.Tongue scraper

Once brushing and flossing are all done, I will go in with this tongue brush, which is a game-changer for your mouth. Basically, it is just something to clean your tongue. I know a lot of people will just use their toothbrushes to clean their tongue. But I like this because it has these tiny bristles in the back. I feel like I can scrape my tongue and get all the gunk out. When it comes to your tongue, it is basically like a sponge or a carpet that absorbs bacteria. If you brush your teeth, floss and do all that but you don’t clean your tongue. Essentially your breath will still sting and you will still have bacteria in your mouth. Because all that white stuff usually on your tongue throughout the day is just bacteria sitting there and that is ultimately one of the main causes of bad breath.

I like this tongue scraper because what I do with it is I just scrape my tongue and rinse scrape until I get all of the bacteria out. You can notice a difference between when you use it and when you don’t use it. I can tell my mouth feel so much cleaner and refreshed. 

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3.Whitening strips

I’ve been used Meyarn Sakura Teeth Whitening Strip for one year. They work!

I know that these might bit a little bit expensive than other oral hygiene products. However, they’re worth it because they work. They’re so easy to apply and once you use up a whole box, you don’t need to repurchase them every month. Your teeth will stay white for a good couple of years, which is worth it! If you go out to the dentist and get your teeth professionally whitened, it can cost you hundreds of dollars.

I would recommend not using them every single day. It says that you can use it once a day for 30 minutes. If your teeth are sensitive, use them once every other day or once every two days or maybe for 20 minutes. They will still work! I tried so many cheaper kits from the drugstore and I have not found anything that compares to Meyarn because you can just apply them and then go about your day. You don’t have to worry about sitting there with a light or the gel is foaming up and making you nauseous.

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