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How do Teeth Whitening Strips work?

What are the best teeth whitening strips? The short answer is there is no one particular set of the whitening strip that is better than another. That’s because of how they work. Let me explain if you’re not familiar with whitening strips. 

They’re essentially thin pieces of material that are stuck to the front surfaces of your teeth. You usually get kits that contain strips for both the top and bottom row of teeth. The whole idea is that the strip focuses on the front surfaces, which are most visible to people when you smile. What these strips do is when you attach them to the teeth, they hold those chemicals against the tooth surface and try to remove the external stains that have discolored your teeth. Your diet and lifestyle will have affected the color of your natural teeth. If you’ve got stains, these whitening strips can potentially remove those external stains. With very few exceptions to any whitening strips contain bleaches or peroxides that can change the natural tooth color. So if you have yellow teeth as a result of aging, maybe you’ve got trauma to your teeth.

No whitening strip is going to be able to change your internal tooth color.The best that any whitening strip does is remove the external stains caused by diet and lifestyle that have built up on the external layer of your teeth. The idea is that you generally wear the strips for a while, depending on how long they recommend wearing them. It can usually be from about 15 minutes through to an hour. But typically it’s about 30 minutes.

Some of the strips do dissolve over the time you wear them. The vast majority of you fit your teeth and then you need to peel off and dispose of them once you’ve used them.

Many strips come in pouches and you can open the pouch up and you will be presented with the strips. Simply peel those off and attach them to the appropriate row of teeth. Be careful not to make contact with the gums as the ingredients can potentially cause some sensitivity or inflammation.

meyarn whitening strip

Many of the whitening strips require you to wear them daily for about half an hour for about two weeks and repeat the process each day. The theory is that within a few days you begin to see whitening and by the end of those two weeks, your teeth are whiter. That whitening process is generally only the process of lifting external stains or discoloration from your teeth. It hasn’t changed your natural tooth color. Those stains can come back depending on your diet and lifestyle. This is not a permanent solution. If you want a longer-lasting whitening solution, you have to opt for a teeth bleaching or professional teeth whitening service offered by a dental professional.

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