Five dangers of grinding your teeth

Grinding teeth during sleep is called night grinding, which is a relatively common sleep disorder. Some people’s parents grind their teeth and grind their teeth themselves. This has specific heredity. Although it is pretty common, it should not be taken lightly. Because long-term grinding of teeth will have adverse effects on many aspects of the body, leading to some diseases, what is the harm of grinding teeth at night?

night grinding teeth

1. Direct damage to the teeth

Grinding of teeth at night is relatively long, and the number of teeth grinding may cause the teeth themselves to be worn for a long time, and may also cause trauma to the periodontal, damage to the masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints, etc. Some people’s teeth will be significantly affected. The damage can easily lead to some oral diseases.

2. Poor quality sleep

poor sleep quality

Grinding at night is an abnormal behavior of the oral cavity, indicating that the brain controls the grinding area to be in a working state all the time. The brain cannot rest well, which will affect the person’s mental state the next day. The quality of sleep is relatively poor, and it is not easy to enter deep sleep. state of sleep.

3. Affect mental health

Children's Mental Health

Some children grind their teeth for a long time. If they know it, there may be psychological abnormalities, and it is easy to form low self-esteem.

4. Affect physical development

physical development of children

Grinding teeth at night will also have adverse effects on human physical development, especially for younger children, who may be restricted in the growth and development stage, and are prone to short stature and poor nutrition.

5. Influence the next generation


If adults grind their teeth at night, it may be passed on to their children to a certain extent, and if children grind their teeth, it may affect many aspects.

There are many harms caused by grinding your teeth at night. The above-mentioned aspects should be paid attention to. If you find grinding your teeth in your daily life, you should actively take a variety of effective measures to control it. Especially for teeth grinding caused by certain diseases, early measures to treat can fundamentally reduce the damage to the patient.

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