Do Chewies Really Help Invisalign?

A lot of you have asked us about chewing exercises. Today we will offer you a simple tip on what to do to allow your aligners to fit your teeth better so that your teeth will move more efficiently.

You may have heard about chewing exercises. What exactly are chewing exercises anyway? Let’s back up a little bit. When you first put on a fresh pair of aligners, they’re not going to fit your teeth a hundred percent. If they fit your teeth 100, your teeth wouldn’t actually move. Each new set of aligners are designed to push your teeth just a little bit so that your teeth will shift into that new position. A lot of times though when you first put your aligners on, you’re going to notice a little bit of a halo effect.


You can see the picture above. There’s a little bit of a gap on the central incisors, where you can see a halo. A halo is basically a gap between your teeth and the aligner. In order to get your teeth to move better, you actually want to seat the aligner higher up.

One way is to use your fingers and push up. You can still see a gap there and that’s pretty common especially for people that have power ridges. Power ridges are basically a horizontal indentation in the aligner and that is used to torque the tooth. If you have power ridges, which are pretty commonly found in the upper and lower incisor areas, you’ll notice that little bit of space that’s called the halo.

In order to fully seat your aligner, you have to do chewing exercises. Chewing exercises are using some sort of tool. The most common would be the foam roller types, which are called chewies or munchies.


You can use them many times. Just be sure to clean it thoroughly at least a few times a day. What we usually tell our customers to do is to keep one of these chewies inside their aligner case so that they always have access.

aligner case

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