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8 Tips For Wearing Braces

If you’re about to get braces or you just got braces and you don’t know what to do, there are a few tips to help you get started so that you can get more familiar with them.

1.Don't get colors that won't complement your teeth color

Don’t get colors like brown white, clear, yellow or orange. Colors just make your teeth look yellow and nasty especially if your braces are noticeable.

invisible braces

2.Do not use teeth whitening products

They will mess up your teeth when you get them off. Because the bracket is like a box and that’s just ugly. Don’t do any of that. You can just brush your teeth normally.

3.Don’t chew gums

They can definitely get in your brackets.

no chewing gum

4.Floss very frequently very frequently

Even though it’s like a hassle. When you get braces, they’ll explain to you how to floss and you’ll realize how difficult it is. But even though it’s difficult, you should always floss. If you don’t floss, your breaths will stink.

5.Do not miss any of your braces appointments

Whenever you need to get your teeth tightened, your colors or wires changed, you cannot miss that because that will extend the amount of time that you need your braces on. You’ll be having them on for years and years if you never like to change out your braces and your brackets.

6.Brush two times a day at minimum

When you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food is going to get stuck in your braces. Your breath will smell bad your and your teeth are going to look disgusting. When you talk to people, they’ll see the food in your braces. In general, for your good hygiene like you should brush your teeth three times a day.

7.Always wear your bands

When you first get them, it’ll be hard to use your fingers to place the bands. I use the Aligner Removal Tool to remove it, which helps me a lot by relieving the pain and saving my nails.

8.Follow all rules above

If you don’t follow them, you’ll end up having your braces on for

years and years. Your teeth will stay crooked especially when eating the foods.

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